Limericks Poèmes en anglais

Voici quelques poèmes appelés "limericks" que les élèves de 2nde4, avec l’aide de leur professeur Mme Florence Dumay, ont préparé en classe lors du 2ème trimestre.
Bonne lecture !

A propos de notre assistante américaine

Nora lives in cold Pennsylvania

It’s not the country of Dracula

But she doesn’t have fangs

That’s why we give her thanks,

She doesn’t bite pupils ; Nice Nora !

groupe classe 2nde 4

Nora is an American girl,

And she looks like a wonderful pearl

She prefers to travel to meet different people

That’s why she wants to go round the world.

groupe classe 2nde 4

Sur le thème d’Halloween

A really old vampire named Tex

Is out for blood and I suspect

He is not a nice guy

If he catches your eye

Beware you’re likely to be next.

Thomas Anthony

We celebrate Halloween in the night

We have sweet, on people’s door we fight

Don’t be scared, don’t worry

It’s not ordinary

But will just disappear at daylight.

Marine and Emilie

I’m Dracula I’m very ugly

At this mmoment I’m deeply sleepy

I really hate your cat

It’s because I’m a bat

Hide yourself because I’m so hungry !

Cécilia and Lucile

Sur le thème de Noël

I love one day in the year : Christmas

When Santa offers presents to us.

I’m crazy ’bout one day

And it was on Monday

I had shoes, my sister was jealous !

Charlotte and Jeannette


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